Program for 2016 BHPC Colloquium

Friday, March 4, 2016

5:30-7:30 Duke of York

Pub Night


Saturday, March 5, 2016  

9:30-10:00  Front Hall, Massey College



10:00-10:15  Upper Library, Massey College 

Opening Remarks: Tom Keymer, BHPC Director


10:15-11:30 Upper Library, Massey College

Panel I

Maeghan Jerry: Print Material in North American Language Revitalization Efforts            

Aeron MacHattie: Towards a Decolonized Book History: Indigenous Knowledge and the Land as Text                 

Taien Ng-Chan: De-colonizing the Map


11:30-11:45 Break


11:45-12:30 Upper Library, Massey College 

Keynote I: Pamela Klassen


12:30-1:30 Dining Hall, Massey College



1:30-2:45 Upper Library, Massey College

Panel II

Elizabeth Corbett-Nicholson: Loci et Libro Veritatum: The Transmission of Lollard Ideology to Later Religious Dissenting Groups through Texts

Sarah Lubelski: Owning the Otherness: Gendered Professional Identities and the Victorian Woman of Letters  

Sarah Harrison: Re-telling and Re-claiming: Women and Resistance in Indigenous Storytelling


2:45-3:30 Upper Library, Massey College

Keynote II: Barton Scott


3:30-3:45 Break


3:45-5:00 Upper Library, Massey College

Panel III

Samantha Bellinger: Colonial Contexts for Comedias Sueltas: The Theatre of Antonio de Solís y Rivadeneira

Abigail Sparling: Raising “The Dead” – Reclaiming Joyce through Digital Remediation

Ashley Morford: Decolonial Draft Manuscripts, Reinforcing First Editions: Examining Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes                                                                                          


5:00-6:30 Common Room, Massey College

Wine and Cheese Reception